Set a goal, but more importantly, make a plan.

A goal without a plan is just a thought. Even I have had big dreams and intentions that lingered because I feared the unknown, worried I might fail, or just didn’t take a step toward that goal. So what changed? I mentioned in my first blog that coaches have coaches, so I have used mine to help me achieve one of my goals.

I’ll illustrate with a smaller goal I had this summer: increase my social media presence for my business by setting up a Facebook business page to complement my website I had been thinking of developing one for months and to avoid doing one, I developed workarounds. I’d like to think my 301 friends on my personal Facebook account were thrilled to read that I posted my business blog in between my rants on the Red Sox needing bench strength or seeing that I was traveling to New Orleans, Jersey, or Chicago.

Why didn’t I set up my page? Through coaching, I realized I didn’t know how to set up a business page, had questions about who could view it, and didn’t understand whether there were costs to set it up. My coach and I discussed my ability to tag, post, message, one-hand text, and Tweet better than most teens (That’s called affirmation in coaching lingo.) Then we laid out a plan for the minimum first step I could take to set up my business page. “Hmmm,” I replied. “I could search Facebook business page on YouTube or find someone who has done this and ask them.”   Pretty simple—huh? Nope, we are not done yet. I had not committed to when I would do this. I gave myself two weeks and affirmed it was reasonable to do this within two weeks.

Did I succeed? Yes! I watched a series of YouTube videos by IBrand Your Business and learned how to set up my page and even set up a tab for Twitter using Woobox. I found that Coaching World magazine had a Leveraging Technology issue, so I Facebook messaged one of the authors Malti Bhojwani about using Facebook to promote her coaching business (Thanks for the help Malti!). Please check out and like my page Zwarick Executive Coaching page on Facebook and follow my Twitter site @ZwarickCoaching.

I’ve oversimplified the process, but I’ve worked with clients who have used coaching to develop a Business Plan to increase operational efficiency, land an internship in New York City at a major magazine, and improve their executive presence in internal meetings. So ask yourself . . .

When are you ready to set a plan?

How would it feel to take one small step to move forward?

What will it feel like when you achieve your goal?

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