Who are my clients?

My Clients

Whether you are an executive, emerging leader, or a professional looking for consultative coaching, there will be new opportunities in your career that present a chance to further your leadership skills.


So all the right boxes are checked and you’re having great “success,” coaching with me will help you find ways to feel fulfilled, engaged, heard, and connected. Grab hold of your future and stop asking yourself . . .

  • How do I have executive presence?
  • How do I grab people’s attention in meetings instead of feeling like no one is listening?
  • How do I make sure my team is engaged?
  • How do I create synergy instead of just going through the motions day after day?

Emerging Leaders

Whether you are a new leader in your first management role, just promoted, or looking for a higher position, coaching with me will help you empower your future. Stop asking yourself these questions and create a plan to address these questions . . .

  • How do I delegate more effectively?
  • What will success in my role look like 3, 6 months down the road? How do I get there?
  • How do I build my confidence to lead?
  • How do I get people to see me in my new role and not my old role?

Consultative Coaching Clients

Consultative coaching is a blend of empowering you to set and achieve your goals while mentoring you based on my 25 years as an executive in national organizations, volunteer leader, and award winning strategic planner and communicator.

  • How do I manage up?
  • How do I create strategic plans that help achieve organizational goals?
  • How do I promote my or my team’s achievements to gain recognition?
  • How do I understand and navigate the political landscape?

Here’s what my clients and colleagues are saying about why you want to “Coach with Kathy”?

  • She’s experienced the full myriad of challenges that accompany each of these target areas and has turned them into career making opportunities.
  • She can help you get to the to the heart of the matter.
  • She is highly skilled at helping you discover where and when are you making up stories in your head that may negatively impact your leadership ability and certainly make it less enjoyable and fun (using 360 degree feedback to empower yourself).
  • She doesn’t explain executive presence – she is executive presence – and can help you create your own.
  • She was trained as a qualitative researcher and this gives her a very powerful and unique edge to help clients reach high levels of emotional awareness, learn how to really hear versus listen (eliminate subjective listening), and how to be truly objective.
  • She is known for helping client’s quickly identify the “real” reason they want coaching (i.e. seeking action, support).
  • She Remains truly objective with zero agenda – so you are able to safely explore all of the options through amazing coaching processes and open-ended questions.
  • In a nutshell, Kathy has lived it. She can relate and connect instantly to clients. She gets it and is gifted at reflecting back.

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